Tyre Racking

Tyre Racking

High-quality automotive storage solutions are hard to come by, especially when it concerns tyre racking systems. Given the sheer space and weight capacity needed to store bulk tyres, durable and easily accessible tyre racks are a crucial necessity for those who make it their business to offer tyre storage.

Using a system that is based on the design of pallet racking frameworks, tyre racking solutions help you safely store as many tyres as you need either vertically or horizontally. These shelf-life structures are meant to facilitate easy access to each individual tyre without having to displace many others, while also keeping them from moving or rolling off the shelves.

In what follows, you’ll find more on the advantages, disadvantages, and basic features of various tyre racks.

Basic Characteristics of Tyre Racking

Basic Characteristics of Tyre Racking

Tyre storage shelves are typically designed to optimize the amount of available space in such a way as to maximize the number of tyres that can be stored in a given location without compromising the products in any way.

These are modular systems that are easy to install and expand. Tyre racks rely on an upright structure that is connected by two horizontal beams in order to define the boundary of each shelving unit. The most common model features no shelf-deck because this allows for easy and versatile storage and manipulation without leaving any marks on the products themselves.

Depending on the amount of available space, your needs, as well as the average expected storage time, the racking modules can either be extended vertically or horizontally. When there is a critically low availability of storage space, a mobile tyre racking framework can be employed in order to make the most of each square inch.

Mobile tyre storage units are designed to be used in conditions of very limited floor space or in the event that renting additional square feet is unfeasible due to high rates. This is commonly the case in centrally-placed tyre hotels or workshops that handle the storage of seasonal merchandise.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Tyre Storage

There are two basic types of racking structures employed to store tyres. The first and most common is the vertical one. As per its name, this type of tyre rack stores products in an upright position, one next to the other, in typically long shelf spans. This arrangement allows for great storage density that can further be amplified by double deep loading.

The vertical system is commonly used by small workshops where automatic handling is not possible. In the event that the building also has good height, long-span tyre racks can usually be stacked one on top of the other, which facilitates a significant expansion of the current tyre storage capacity.

Alternatively, horizontal tyre racks are better suited for industrial warehouses where the volume of merchandise does not permit manual handling. Instead of being placed upright, tyres are stacked horizontally, one on top of the other, in groups that can range anywhere between two and six tyres each. In this storage framework, each shelf is supplemented by several sets of two cross-wise rails that are capable of storing a stack of tyres.

Tyre Racks: Uses and Advantages

There are a multitude of advantages that you can draw from a tyre racking system suitable for your storage needs. Aside from a neatly organized stock of tyres, these include:

Easy manual and automatic handling.

Depending on your choice of storage system, the tyre rack can facilitate fast and effortless movement of merchandise. This will save you and your employees valuable time when performing storage optimization or handling customer requests.


Both horizontal and vertical tyre shelves can either be expanded or contracted to suit your current or expected stock volume. For instance, there may be timeframes when more customers make the switch from seasonal products to all-season ones. The additional space that is made available by folding some of the racks can be used for other operations.

Compact storage

Tye racks significantly increase the storage density of your warehouse by neatly arranging your merchandise according on a customer and/or vehicle type basis. This means that you can often store, handle, and retrieve all four tyres of an automobile in one swift move.


Regardless of type, tyre racking systems are designed in such a way so as to prevent tyres, with or without rims, from rolling or moving in any direction. This is particularly important as it will guarantee the safety of the merchandise, as well as that of the warehouse workers.

Fast access

Nobody wants to manually take down unending stacks of tyres. Aside from saving you and your employees a lot of energy, tyre storage shelves free up your schedule and space for you to be able to deal with more important matters.

Tyre Racking: Are There Any Drawbacks?

Although some tyre racks are more suitable for certain products than others, there aren’t any noteworthy downsides to fitting your warehouse with such a system. For bigger tyres, it is advisable to acquire shelves that are equipped with a deck and/or a bracing system to keep them in place.

More importantly, it is necessary to order the system that fits your stock the best. Tyres for industrial vehicles will likely require a custom-made shelf type that won’t be readily compatible with automobile or enduro tyres.

When you find that the racking system is no longer needed, you can easily disassemble it and store it someplace safe. Conversely, the modular design of these products make it so that you can expand your current system for as long as you have enough space.

Tyre racks from Kingmorack

We at Kingmorack take great pride in delivering compact, durable, and customizable tyre racking systems to clients big and small. Thanks to the experience that comes with years of rack construction and design, we are equipped to help you decide which type of tyre racks fit your warehouse and needs best.

Our tyre storage structures emphasize convenience, reliability, and ease of use because we understand your needs better than anyone else does. Just like us, you strive to offer your clients the best possible services, while also streamlining your storage handling and retrieval operations. Give us a call today and benefit from our storage insight and consultancy free of charge.

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