Industrial Racks

Industrial Racks

Industrial racks offer convenient industrial storage solutions for warehouses with special operation requirements, but also for other applications across a variety of sectors. They are ideal for storing equipment and tools on construction sites, depositing heavy and automotive parts in manufacturing plants, keeping records and documents, organizing medicine and drugs in pharmacies, and more.

Generally speaking, while it is possible to design heavy-duty industrial racks for palletized goods, this type of storage relies primarily on metal or plastic shelves and accessories. As such, items are commonly stored either individually or in boxes, rather than on pallets.

Below, you’ll find additional information about the design of industrial racks, the use of optional accessories, and the advantages of this particular storage solution.

<h2>Industrial Racks and Shelving vs. Pallet Racking</h2>

Industrial Racks and Shelving vs. Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a type of storage where goods are palletized and deposited in bulks across a series of upright frames and support beams. These racking systems can go up to 45ft (or 14m) in height and are usually accompanied by forklifts and other specialized vehicles that ensure employees’ access to individual pallets.

Industrial metal racks for palletized goods are essentially pallet racking systems designed to withstand special temperature or other environmental conditions, heavier loads, or higher impact frequencies. Although practicable, these are not, however, the most common uses for industrial racks.

Instead, industrial storage racks often rely on shelves, rather than support beams, decks, and pallets to deposit items. Industrial shelves are, as such, manipulated by employees without the use of machinery and are more suitable for stockpiling individual items or boxes. Systems built in this manner can extend vertically beyond the height of a human being, but when this is the case, they are usually accompanied by stairs that make access possible.

Industrial Storage Racks: Uses and Advantages

Industrial metal racks can be designed to store ultra-heavy loads at high or low temperatures in warehouses with special requirements for deposited items. Outside of the warehouse, however, there are additional advantages to using industrial storage racks. These include:

Storing equipment in an organized fashion.

Industrial shelves can be customized to allow through compartmentalization, which ultimately helps employees work more efficiently and store their gear according to standardized requirements.

Clearing up valuable work space

In construction, as well as in any manufacturing plant, gear, equipment, and tools that are not deposited correspondingly can lead to the congestion of the available workspace. Industrial racks and shelving is an effective solution to avoid a decrease in efficiency and even potential accidents due to a disorganized space.

Storing goods in a manner that allows quick and efficient order picking

For retailers that employ workers to pick items for customers on the spot, industrial storage racks organized in drawers, bins, and dividers can facilitate a faster overall service.

Creating anti-microbial storage spaces

Some sectors, including the distribution of food or of pharmaceuticals, are required to provide special storage conditions for their inventory. Industrial racks can be designed to fulfill these requirements at an affordable cost.

Small parts and heavy parts storage

Industrial racks are highly versatile due to the diverse accessories that can be implemented in their design. As such, while some light-duty industrial racks are perfectly suited to store documents, small mechanical parts, and other light-weight items, others can withstand the weight of massive equipment, automotive parts, and more.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Racks for Your Space

How to Choose the Right Industrial Racks for Your Space

What items will you store?

This is an obvious, but crucial factor. Industrial racks can be made to support both light-duty and heavy-duty applications, but it is up to you to carefully determine the volume, weight, and size of the equipment or products you commonly handle. An industrial rack with plastic shelves or bins will be of little use to you if you store heavy construction tools, whereas a steel rack might be unnecessarily costly if you intend to use it in order to store records in an office building.

Will you store items individually or in pallets?

Industrial racks are best suited for items that are stored individually or in boxes and that are hand-picked by employees. If, on the other hand, you handle large quantities of stock and your products are deposited in stacks using pallets, you should consider industrial racks for palletized goods or other pallet racking solutions.

Does your stock impose any special requirements for storage?

Whether you implement industrial racks in a warehouse, factory, or retail store, some products require special storage conditions in order to remain intact. Some food items, for instance, must be stored at low temperatures and in microbe-free environments, whereas some pharmaceutical drugs must be kept safe under lock. Industrial racks can be customized to accommodate most, if not all of these and other requirements.

Industrial Racks from Kingmorack

Kingmorack can help you implement ingenious industrial storage solutions regardless of your location throughout the world. We provide our customers the possibility to choose between several industrial rack designs, which can then be further customized with optional features.

We also put at your disposal our vast experience with all types of storage systems and applications. If you’re not sure which industrial racks are best suited for your project, contact us at Kingmorack today and we will work through the details together.

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