Boltless Racks

Boltless Racks

First introduced in the 1980s, boltless racks, which are also called rivet racks, soon became a standard in European shelving solutions and quickly spread throughout the world. Usually available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and degrees of strength, these shelving frames are designed to minimize setup time, while maximizing versatility.

Despite their predominant use in hand-loaded operations, such as in file, records or archive depositories, they are also available for industrial applications, such as bulk, tyre, or heavy duty storage. Depending on their design and materials, rivet shelves can hold anywhere between 200 and 2000 pounds.

In what follows, you can find out more about the basic characteristics, benefits, as well as drawbacks of boltless racks.

Basic Characteristics of Boltless Racks

Basic Characteristics of Boltless Racks

Although both open and clad designs are possible, the former is the most popular type of boltless storage rack because it allows unobstructed access from all directions. This ease of storage and retrieval has made rivet shelves an essential component for handling packaged merchandise or large items, since they allow storehouse operations to be conducted in a variety of ways.

As the name suggests, a boltless rack needs no special equipment in order to be assembled. This aspect essentially simplifies the installation process because there are no bolts, clips, or special tools necessary to put one together. More importantly, their versatility implies that owners can easily adjust their work space according to their needs, rather than have to constantly work around a fixed storage system.

In addition, this shelving system can be further augmented by means of accessories. From dividers to bin fronts, handy segregation of multiple classes or groups of items is rendered facile. The polished, continuous lines of the racking system complemented by the smooth finishes give t an aesthetic appeal, which has contributed to their fame and reputation among suppliers for office buildings and commercial center storage alike.

Boltless shelving accessories

Crossbars are some of the most affordable accessories for a boltless storage rack. In demanding environments, enamel finishes often prove to be superior as they prevent the metal from corroding. These bars can be used for a variety of purposes, including shelf segregation of starter or add-on units, but also to make sure that more items can be safely stacked on top of one another without falling.

For those looking to ensure the safety of their bulk storage or just to provide aesthetic continuity to an open space, perforated side panels represent a neat fixture, whereas additional beams can be used in order to extend a unit either vertically or horizontally.

Last, but certainly not least, carton flow shelving levels can significantly reduce storage operation times. These accessories help maintain the first in, first out system, while also using the power of gravity to automatically move cases from the end of the shelving module to the front of the rack.

Boltless Racks: Uses and Advantages

Whether in warehouses or storage-type facilities, boltless racks are an affordable and versatile solution that offers great value for their purchase. Here are some of the key benefits of rivet shelves that can significantly improve your depositories:

Effortless assembly.

Many of the shelves and racking systems currently available on the market require professional installation in order to set up, or, at the very least, a complete toolbox and more than one person. This is not the case with boltless storage racks because anyone can do it in no time - no hammers, screwdrivers, or spanners required.

Increased mobility and reconfiguration

Because you don’t have to un-screw or un-bolt the shelving units, the storage space you currently have at your disposal can easily be restructured without the need to contract more helping hands. This process will not affect the integrity or safety of the racking system because the latter is designed for such processes, which means you can do it as many time as it is necessary for you to maximize storage space. You can even arrange them as double rivet shelving to handle bulk merchandising.

Security and durability

Without the additional risks of bolts and nuts becoming loose over time or due to handling increased loads, boltless shelves are generally safer than their counterparts. Usually, boltless storage racks are capable of handling up to 2,000 pounds each. However, their load-bearing capacity depends on the manufacturing process and materials, so be sure to follow the safety guidelines issued by the producers.


You can endlessly modify these riveting racks into configurations that are appropriate to your needs, either with or without supplementary accessories. The sheer flexibility of this storage system is best suited to organizations or places that often have to store things on a mix-and-match basis. Adequate for domestic and industrial use, boltless shelves can easily adapt from file storage to bulk depositories, or as a space-optimization solution in tyre hotels.

Drawbacks of Boltless Racks

At a first glance, there are no significant drawbacks to using boltless racks as opposite to traditional, bolted systems. However, there are certain applications where they might fall short from providing the ideal structure for your storage system. For one, boltless racks are generally not capable of handling loads that exceed 2,000 pounds, which makes them inappropriate for industries dealing with excessively heavy loads.

Albeit quite aesthetic and versatile in design, they are not the best solution for supermarket shelves, as the range of dividers and separators can be quite limited. Some have also found that shipping costs are larger for boltless racks when compared to wired, steel ones, as the former tend to be heavier overall.

Barring these minor disadvantages, riveting shelves remain top sellers in the catalogues of rack manufacturers, simply because it is difficult to otherwise match the adaptability and value that they offer.

Boltless racks from Kingmorack

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