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Basic Characteristics of Wire Decking

Design is the first and most important step for any warehouse racking project. To design a perfect racking system that fits the customer’s requirements to the letter, we require the following information:


Size and general condition of warehouse, including height, length, and width of the building, the door location and size, as well as the location of pillars.


Pallet size and weight after cargo is placed on the pallet or cargo size and weight if items are not to be palletized.


Turnover of cargo and specifications of the used forklift or of other material handling equipment.


Special requirements for the racking system, if any.

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Some customers are able to provide detailed drawings for their warehouse(s), complete with all the specifications we require. Other times, however, customers do not have the exact drawing, in which case Kingmo can send a professional engineer to measure the warehouse details and create a drawing for it. This way, we can ensure that the racking system is designed properly.

In modern supply chain management, most customers have diverse and complex requirements for their warehouse racking systems. To begin with, they require the system to have maximum storage capacity. They also need the system to be durable, have good performance during an earthquake, be loaded and unloaded easily, and, of course, be cost effective. With the help of our professional engineer team, Kingmo is proud to state that our advanced solutions and our full range of warehouse racking products can meet the requirements of any customer.

No matter how big or how small your project is, give us a call or send us an email with your inquiry. Kingmo will deliver a racking project that is guaranteed to overcome your expectations.

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