Relative outsourcing

Each project we ship comes with detailed assembly instructions.

Relative Sourcing

Most suppliers in China require a minimum order quantity or MOQ (one full container, for example) for oversea orders. Sometimes, however, the order amounts to much less than that. For small orders with different suppliers, customers find that loading can quickly give anyone a headache.

Kingmo helps customers load different items in one container!

The service is mainly aimed at oversea customers who order small quantities of a product from several different suppliers. For warehouse racking systems and other orders, Kingmo can offer relative material handling equipment used in warehouses, as well as anything else you would like us to source. We excel at equipment like forklifts, stackers, roller systems, pallet trucks, steel building warehouses, and more. This can help you lower your costs and sea freight requirements.

If you have already ordered the products, just send them to our warehouse and we will load them without any additional charges.

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