Racking inspection

Why do we offer racking system inspection?

Although it is not a complex product, Pallet Racking is classified as ‘Material Handling Equipment’ and therefore requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it remains in good working condition.

Damaging a pallet racking system is more or less inevitable. Some deterioration is caused by careless operators, some by poor storage keeping or forklift impact, and some is even caused by earthquakes in some areas where these phenomena are frequent. All of the above can seriously threaten racking safety.

Most racking damage is easily observable with the naked eye, but forms of deterioration, such as post twists or beam twists (also called deflection), are difficult for the staff to monitor without special equipment. If not given the proper attention, the latter can result in severe problems. It is therefore necessary to have any racking system inspected regularly so as to minimize potential warehouse safety issues.

Which type of racking inspection do Kingmo Offer?

In some countries, it is compulsory to have racking inspections regularly, with the help of a qualified company. In China, this is not legally required, but Kingmo always puts safety first, which is why we offer free inspection services for the first 3 year after the customer has built the project. This type of service is unique in our line of business and has helped us win several projects.

Pallet racking inspection is currently a legal requirement in some countries. Although this is not the case in China, as a reliable supplier, T Racking offer Chinese customers regular inspection services without any additional charges. This is yet another unique service we offer that has drawn the attention of many of our customers.

Our professional inspection service includes investigation into the causes of damage, which ultimately results in improved operating methods and the reduction of future deterioration. This can help the customer decrease maintenance costs and prevent further damage to the existing racking system.

For oversea customers, Kingmo is unable to offer inspection services like in the case of domestic projects. However, we can recommend an authoritative organization for the job.

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How often should you schedule a Racking Inspection?

A racking system should be inspected on a yearly basis. However, in some urgent case, such as when earthquake or forklift damage occurs, an immediate inspection is required to evaluate the situation and offer solutions for its remediation.

What services does the inspection include?

We check each Kingmo post and beam carefully.


For a period of 3 years, we offer free replacement of damaged parts for the racking we supply. Following this time period, we only charge the material costs.


We offer a Racking Safety Report once the investigation is completed and we suggest the best ways to maintain the system intact.


For a period of 3 years, we offer free replacement of damaged parts for the racking we supply. Following this time period, we only charge the material costs.

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