Mobile Racking Systems

Mobile Racking Systems

Mobile racking systems are a form of high-density storage for warehouses and deposits handling high volumes of stock, inventory that requires special ambient temperatures in order to remain intact, or both. In terms of storage capacity, this type of racking system is similar to push-back or drive-in racks. Unlike the latter two, however, moveable racking systems offer 100% selectivity.

As such, mobile racking is a suitable storage solution for inventory that requires both FIFO (First-In-First-Out) and FILO (First-In-Last-Out) management. In addition, it can drastically increase storage capacity in a warehouse without sacrificing accessibility.

Of course, like most types of storage, mobile racking systems are not necessarily suitable or cost-effective for all applications. In what follows, you’ll find additional details that can help you decide whether this is the right storage solution for you.

Basic Characteristics of Mobile Racking

Basic Characteristics of Mobile Racking

In a mobile rack storage system, several racks are placed on wheels and rails, as well as grouped together in a block. For maximum storage capacity, each block includes enough free space to fit only one aisle, while the racks are packed together without spacing. In order to access a pallet on a specific rack, the operator must first move the racks in such a way so as to create an aisle at the right location. They can then enter the aisle, deposit or retrieve a pallet, and return the rack to its initial location.

All mobile racking systems are placed on a moveable base and guided rails. Depending on how they are moved, however, such systems can be classified as follows:

Manually operated. In a manually operated mobile system, the operator must move the racks with the help of handles in order to create enough aisle space for a forklift.

Mechanically assisted. Mechanically assisted systems employ multi-ratio geared hand wheels that are mounted on shelves. The latter help operators create the necessary aisle space, as well as load and unload heavy items.

Electrically powered. With electrically powered mobile racking systems, the racks are operated with the help of an integrated control panel and inventory software. Employees can move racks simply by pushing a button, which can greatly reduce handling time and increase warehouse efficiency.

Optimizing Warehouse Logistics

Mobile racking is much more advantageous than its conventional, selective counterpart when it comes to storage capacity and the efficient use of warehouse space. By implementing movable racking systems in your warehouse, you can store up to 100% more pallets in any given area and gain up to 44% more floor space.

Yet the most significant characteristic of this type of storage is that it can increase capacity without reducing selectivity. Thus, unlike in the case of drive-in or push-back racking, mobile racks allow direct access to every single deposited pallet. In addition, racks feature protective accessories and guided rails, which greatly reduces the risk of accidents and the loss of stock.

Mobile Racking: Uses and Advantages

There are several noteworthy advantages that recommend mobile racking over other storage solutions. These include:

Optimal use of space

Mobile racking systems require significantly less floor space to be installed and operated. Several aisles are removed per block of racks, while the racks are packed close together for high-density storage. As a result, double the pallets can be deposited using the same amount of space.

Full selectivity

Even though movable racking systems have a very high storage capacity, they remain 100% selective, which means that any pallet can be accessed directly at any time, without having to remove or move other pallets first.

FILO and FIFO access

All mobile rack storage systems can be customized to allow either FILO or FIFO inventory management. This is particularly important for warehouses that handle food and beverages, as well as other items with a very short shelf life.

Ideal for cold storage

Maintaining a cold warehouse can be an expensive affair, which is why managers will want to make the most of the available space. Mobile racking is a storage solution that combines space-efficiency and the possibility for FIFO access, which makes it perfect for controlled ambient temperatures.


Mobile racking systems can emulate modular, pallet, and cantilever storage. As such, regardless of the type of racking you need, it is likely that you will be able to make it mobile in order to maintain its benefits and gain additional storage capacity.

Mobile Racking Systems: Drawbacks

When implemented in optimal circumstances, there are few, if any, disadvantages to moveable racking systems. This form of storage is not, however, suitable for all applications. Some issues to consider before implementing a mobile system in your warehouse are:


Mobile racking systems are cost-effective in the sense that they allow you to use the same storage space to deposit additional inventory, as opposed to buying or renting more land. The initial investment for such a system, however, is higher than that required for selective racking, for instance.

Reduced height

Moveable racking systems can go up to 10m (or 30ft) in height, but most are shorter. This is significantly lower than other forms of storage, including selective and push-back racking. The loading capacity is also lower than normal selective pallet racks.

Limited aisle access

For maximum storage capacity, each block of racks is equipped with enough space for only one aisle. This means that, while driving a forklift, operators can only access one rack per block at a time. For multiple access, additional aisle space can be allocated per block.

Mobile Racking Systems from Kingmorack

Kingmorack designs, manufactures, and delivers a wide variety of durable racking systems for all types of warehouses and storages spaces. Our mobile racking systems observe the same high standards we apply to all our products. They are built using only quality materials and are therefore made to last through the wear and tear of frequent quotidian use.

Our years of experience in the racking industry have taught us that each project is unique and that each customer has specific demands. To discuss the details of your project and design the optimal mobile racking system for your warehouse, contact Kingmorack today.

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