Assemble support

Each project we ship comes with detailed assembly instructions.


Rack installation is not a simple job. Even those customers who employ their own or a third party installation team should use the assembly drawing to guide the process and complete the installation on time.


The size and quantity of each of the components are clearly identified in the drawing so that the customer or installer can easily understand how to assemble the racking system.

AS/RS System Installation

As you may already know, the installation of an AS/RS system or of a radio shuttle racking system is much more difficult than with traditional racks. The conditions required by such systems are also more precise and the floor must be extremely flat and even prior to the installation. If the existing surface is not suitable, the customer may be required to build a new floor in order to make possible the installation of an AS/RS and radio shuttle rack.

For special and complex projects, we can send engineers to the customer’s site for installation guidance. We can thus ensure that the racking system is assembled properly and that operators are trained to handle the system without issues.

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