At Kingmo, we benefit from a full range of advanced equipment to ensure quality and efficiency.

From our very entry into the rack manufacturing business, we have understood the importance of advanced equipment. The latter does not only keep machines accurate, but also reduces lead time and helps diminish costs in long run.

Operating from an area of 50,000 sqm, Kingmo have developed a complete automatic line capable of creating a quality rack system from raw material to end product.

The workshop currently features a steel coil stock zone, a punch zone, a rolling and forming area, an section for automatic welding, a surface treatment area with a sand blasting machine, a powder coating line, a packing zone, and a management office.

The raw material area is equipped with 1000 sqm for steel coils. We keep several thousand tons of hot and cold rolled sheet on site, which we can use for various racking and shelving products.

This is part of the reason why we are able to offer fast deliveries when we get new orders from customers. However, we don’t keep stock for special materials such as galvanized sheet or stainless sheet.

The Workshop is the manufacturing center of our factory. Here, we employ all available equipment for various metalworking operations, including a lengthways shearing machine, an automatic rolling and forming machine, a punching machine, a bending machine, an automatically welding robot, and more.

The automatic powder coating line is the most important factor in determining the quality of powder coating, which, in turn, is an essential component in racking and shelving. To ensure the quality and efficiency of the powder coat, we use a Swiss made automatic powder coating line with an automatic spray gun.

We do all the packing for our products in the packing zone, a 3000 sqm area that can stock more than 40 containers loaded with goods. We have 2 loading docks near the packing zone with a maximum container loading capacity of 20 containers per day.